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  • AdventureTimeFanForever11
    Yup! You read it right! Lady Rainicorn is now pregnant... this issue was comfirmed by Lady in the episode "Lady and Peebles". The whole world was shocked to hear this news. Because previously, if you can remember that Jake (which is the father of Lady's half dog-half rainicorn babies) said that TIER 15 IS OFF-LIMITS. But then... now! What the heck happened? Jake and Lady just went to tier 15! Now what will happen to Finn if Jake is going to take care of his new family?!
    So this will be a lesson... that if you have a relationship... NEVER EVER DO TIER 15. Lady and Jake aren't married yet but now they heve a baby or babies (we can't predict how many babies there are in her womb). We should all wish that Finn and FP won't do this... because that…
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