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    We Need Something New to our Question Time videos! I say OUR because I couldn't have made these episodes without you! Give your opinions on the new photo and background music/song we should use in OUR Question Time episodes! Every opinion counts!

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    So I was on my YouTube channel, and one of my subscribers had gotten the full episode, One Last Job, from Adventure Time legally and they allowed him to put up a clip every so hours no longer than 39 seconds! Check out his channel at or just go straight to the clips at:

    Clip 1:

    Clip 2:

    You might have to copy and paste the urls, or maybe not..  Also, if you want to see a whole bunch of photos from the episode that aren't in these clips, go to

    Don't forget to go on YouTube and subscribe to me, AdventureTimeOooNews, for more Adventure Time info. at…

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    BY: Sofia Perez (Channel:

                                 The Great Mushroom War
         In the intro of Adventure Time you can see three nuclear bombs, skeletons, technology, and varies of other things that had been during the war.
    In the "Ocean of Fear" episode, you can see a sunken city with buildings, cars, and human skeletons. This was probably an old town that got flooded and became an ocean. In the "Other Tarts" episode you can see old boats and whale skeletons in the desert. This indicates that this was once an ocean.
    During the great mushroom war a nuclear bomb went into the ground and tool out a huge chunk of earth, which is said to be Europe and Asia. Not to mention that before the …

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    One of my Subscribers (Brett S.) on my youtube channel,, sent me these awesome theories on my email, I would say #3 is more of a Fan Fiction theory, but it's still awesome! Tell me what you think about #1, #2, and #3! Comment your thoughts below!!

    1. In the episode The Lich where the book shows different dimensions, I saw this pillow shaped one with a door shape in front of it, which reminds me of the Puhoy episode. 

    2. I was thinking, since Finn died in the Puhoy (Pillow)  world, but was brought back to his world as if he never left, I thought that what if the Lich dies in Prismo's time room and comes back to Earth.   

    3. I had an awesome idea for an epic battle. …

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    The hole in the Earth on the Adventure Time Earth is shown on almost every view of the Earth. The hole is a fictional event that is based on a direct cause from the Mushroom War. Some think that the Mushroom Bomb is the cause of this hole. Really, a comet hit the Earth. This is hinted in the episode, I Remember You on the picture frame in Ice King's time room. Also, in the episode Finn The Human, a comet is shown passing the Earth while Marceline is talking about what Simon Petrikov did to stop the Mushroom Bomb from hitting the Earth. The reason that the hole in the Earth is the cause of the Mushroom War is because in the episode Finn The Human the comet doesn't hit the earth. One bomb could not create that big of a hole, and, in addition, i…

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