One of my Subscribers (Brett S.) on my youtube channel,, sent me these awesome theories on my email, I would say #3 is more of a Fan Fiction theory, but it's still awesome! Tell me what you think about #1, #2, and #3! Comment your thoughts below!!

1. In the episode The Lich where the book shows different dimensions, I saw this pillow shaped one with a door shape in front of it, which reminds me of the Puhoy episode. 

2. I was thinking, since Finn died in the Puhoy (Pillow)  world, but was brought back to his world as if he never left, I thought that what if the Lich dies in Prismo's time room and comes back to Earth.   

3. I had an awesome idea for an epic battle. The Ice King vs the Lich. The Lich wants more power, so he takes the Ice King's crown, which gives him the power to make green ice soldiers. Also, the Lich has acid snow which dissolves anything. Due to his crown being stolen, the Ice King follows the Lich, but he is dying slowly. Deep inside his mind, you see a weak Simon looking up at a giant blue ghost like skeleton, telling him to get 'my' crown, but Simon refuses and gets beaten. Meanwhile the Lich is destroying the land with his army, Finn and Jake fight them, but are soon over powered and forced to retreat.

Princess Bubblegum comes up with a plan to remove the crown, but they need someone to hold the Lich down for one minute while the princess puts a discharge to the crown to make it useless. However, Marceline finds the Ice King and rushes him to the candy kingdom, but finds them at an all out war. The candy giants, Finn, Jake, Lemongrabs, flame princess, donny the orge, lady rainacorn with her parents and kids, magicman, and Death with all the good people who died like the King of Mars. The candy giant sits on top of the Lich while bubblegum discharges the crown, but then the Ice King rushes towards the crown and puts it on again, causing the discharge to the Lich and the candy giants.

The Lich unleashes his power which sends everyone flying and hitting the wall, resulting in massive pain. Marceline is seen crying for what Ice King did while he is saying, "My crown." Deep inside Ice King's mind visions Simon (Ice King's past self) with the blue skeleton and the crown on saying, "Nice job Simon," but the crown says it has found a new body. So the blue skeleton turns to blue snow and leaves Simons body, then turning into a living being, soon confronting the Lich, saying, "I am your master," but the Lich says, "No, I am your master." The two fight while Simon is seen laying weakly and Marceline is running towards him screaming, "Simon!" Inside the ruins of the candy kingdom, Princess Bubblegum is making a new plan while Simon is in the hospital. Suddenly, Finn comes in angry saying, "You ruined our only chance of winning you butt!"

Marceline tells Finn that it wasn't him- it was the crown, but Finn and the rest are all mad and screaming while badly injured. Simon runs away and so does Marceline with Finn and Jake. Simon and Marceline look over to see the Lich and the blue skeleton fighting. Simon says, "It's all my fault," but Marceline holds Simon, saying, "No, it's not." Simon implies, "Marceline, you and I both know that I am not going to live forever..." Marceline responds, "I'll make you into a vampire! Please Simon- I can't lose you." Simon says, "I want you to know that I will always love you Marceline- I always will." Simon gives Marceline the teddy bear he gave her a 1000 years ago. "I promised you that I will protect you and I will."

He pushes Marceline away and runs to the battlefield. Marceline sings Hurt by Christina Aguillea or the theme song of Cheers while watching Simon go. Simon pulls out papers he had written from the book and speaks a spell that returns the blue skeleton back to the crown. He puts it on again, except he doesn't change. He uses his ice powers to freeze the Lich, but Marceline sees that Simon is getting older and older. At the end the Lich is frozen and Simon is a pile of dust with his glasses. It is soon to skip a month, and the candy kingdom is rebuilt with a statue of Simon wearing the crown saying The King of Ooo. Finn and Flame Princess are kissing, and you can see they are married with Jake and lady living next door. Marceline goes to the underworld, but with a special guest (Simon), with Death. Death says, "It is quite nice here." Simon looks at Marcy and says, "It sure is." It ends with Finn and Jake saying Adventure time. I know I am lacking in detail, but I'm not a writer.Thank you for reading this! 

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