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                             The Great Mushroom War
     In the intro of Adventure Time you can see three nuclear bombs, skeletons, technology, and varies of other things that had been during the war.
In the "Ocean of Fear" episode, you can see a sunken city with buildings, cars, and human skeletons. This was probably an old town that got flooded and became an ocean. In the "Other Tarts" episode you can see old boats and whale skeletons in the desert. This indicates that this was once an ocean.
During the great mushroom war a nuclear bomb went into the ground and tool out a huge chunk of earth, which is said to be Europe and Asia. Not to mention that before the ice king became the ice king he was simon Petrikov. Which is a Russian last name.
     And the land of Ooo is said to be located in Africa. Though Finn is obviously American so that's probably were the humans (or whatever was left of the humans or mutated humans.) went after the great mushroom war.And in "I remember you" if you look closely into the suitcase( when the ice king is in his the past room)you can see a drawing that Simon Petrikov drew of a meteor that is going to hit Asia. That could also explain the big missing chunk.
And for the humans, they are pretty much extinct like seen in "Her Parents" they eat artificial humans. So humans are pretty rare. Some humans were mutated into other things like in " the other tarts" Finn gets attacked by human- like zombie creatures in a cave. And in "Susan Strong" a bunker was found underground with a tribe of fish people, and they have been underground so long they forgot English and are known as the " Hyoomens tribe".
Finn was said to be found in the forest of the mountains. But maybe he came from the bunker, thus explaining his animal themed hat. But how did he get to the surface?
     He couldn't have been taken up there by the fish people because they are obviously afraid of grass and light.So my theory is that they outcast him as an untrible member. From here I have 2 theory's.
1st theory
They tried to kill finn as a baby because he was full human, but Finns mom didn't accept it and ran up to the surface.And the Hyoomens were scared of the light. And anything after that is a mystery except that he was found in the mountain.
2nd theory
Another guess could be that all kids born as humans get drowned, so Finn floated down the river and trough a crack in the wall earth and made it to the mountain. This also explains Finns fear of the ocean. You know being tossed back and forth in a large river.(pretty scary)
And we all know that jakes parents took care of Finn and raised him. And then moved in with Jake in the tree house.

Some people think the ice king is looking for a new princess, but maybe he is looking for his " princess". ( Betty)
To see if she got mutated.
     One MAJOR thing is that I have believed to have found another human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is ........ PHILL!!!! He was seem in many episodes like " The city of theifs" and "Holly Jolly secreats" when they even say his name.He also appears with is face on varies of objects like: on the cow in the forests utter and when Finn draws his face on the wall in the episode " it came from the Nightosphere". I am amazing I know.
One more interesting theory is that they say PB was created before the war so that when the war happened and everyone dies there will be a leader to keep things in order and that the leader will last forever. And by the way the only substance that survived was candy. So that is how the candy people and kingdom was born.

Oh one more theory is that the song from the episode "Marcelenes closet", you know the one during cloud hunt, is a recreance the great mushroom war.
" over the mountains the ominous clouds coming to cover the land in a shroud. Hide in a bushel a basement, a cave. But when clouds come a huntin no ones a safe!"
This is referring to the mushroom shaped clouds that are in the sky when a nuclear bomb hits the ground.

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