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    April 28, 2012 by Adventure King 1

    Okay this wiki has some serious problem and we need to discuss them now

    • Blog Post: If we get rid of blog Post this wiki's going to lose most of it's users and the wiki's users
    • Chat: The Chat is basicaly just a faster blog and Most Mods only go on chat so without chat they will leave too
    • Pictures: You cannnot Delete Picture even if they haven't been used they sstill are part of the blogs, comments, and User Pages
    • Articles: The article seem tto be in perfect condition and even if the Recent Activity does have a lot of comments doesn't mean that no one is editing.
    • User: Some User keep on leaving because they have emotional poblems and some people get banned for violating the Code of Conduct
    • The Code of Conduct is ruining the place too the people ar…
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    March 28, 2012 by Adventure King 1

    Just Testing Out Wiki Features Here

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    Wiki Features

    March 24, 2012 by Adventure King 1

    I was wondering if we could get Message Wall enabled becaused it's a much faster chat and you get to follow specific things on it instead of thewhole thing, and it alerts you each time someone comments or edits what Message Wall you are following.

    I was also wondering if we could get the new comment editor on chat because it would allow much more on chat. I've already messaged a Wiki Staff Member on this.

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  • Adventure King 1

    New Wiki

    March 22, 2012 by Adventure King 1

    This is Fan Media Wiki where normal people can show of their ideas for TV Shows, Movies, and even books! I will only hold the basic premise for your TV/Book series or movies the rest you have to have your on wiki about it. The stories can be your on original story or involve something mainstream (like a spin-off series). This is just a way to get your work out there. You can post a story on blogs and for every two weeks there will be a contest to see who wrote the best story based off a topic I give you. No stealing ideas because this kinda counts as proof you came up with the ideas. Click Here

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    Shipping Fans

    March 18, 2012 by Adventure King 1

    Okay some shippers are way to out of control I'm some shippers are nice and don't even bother fighting but some fans nuts and complete crazy. Warning: I don't hate any of the couples some of the fans are just crazy at points and I know somebody is going to call me a shipper nazi because I don't l support their couple. What I said about some shippers does not point to you in general just what I've seen from most of them

    Okay these fans are the craziest of all! They just cannot face facts at all, after Go With Me they are way to desperate for shipping. They have gone as far as starting a burning hatred for any character who could be with Finn and hate some of the users who like other couples. They also use their odd ball fanfictions to find a …

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