You know some people aren't really Adventure Time Fans.

They don't like how things turn.

  • Why isFionna & Cake a Fanfic
  • Why isn't PB still 13
  • Why can't it have Adult Humor
  • Why can't F&J meet F&C

If you don't enjoy the show why do you watch it? Don't get stuck in the Fandom.

Why do people support couples in Adventure Time? I think that since it is a Adventure Comedy it shouldn't have love a main topic.

Some people just want it to happen but some, are obsessive over them.

  • "Why don't you like Fiolee, it's only the best couple from a TV show that is in one of the characters imagination. And you also no nothing about Marshal Lee.

Don't obsesses it's just a show we are suppose to enjoy.

Any way what is your Favorite Couple?