Okay that was a pretty awesome episode


Okay that girl is a crazy, but Finn said he might have a crush so that could mean he might like her or she has a crush on him but since she destroyed the Princess Bubblegum Picture and is Evil and Finn doesn't like evil things he might not date her. Besides Jake was the one who did everything for her, Jake was the one who rejected her, so that relationship would be based of a lie. I'm pretty sure Jake is afraid of her so Finn wouldn't do that to Jake. Finn wouldn't be able to touch her see when she slapped him he got burnt, and they definetly can't have children, just imagine Finn saying "Oh My Glob it burns this is so not worth a child" What about PB he couldn't just get over her that easily he was crying about her the whole episode. I'm sure Finn would kill FP if she wasn't a girl. They Don't even know each other.


They are the same age. They might like each other


Flame Princess

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