Okay some shippers are way to out of control I'm some shippers are nice and don't even bother fighting but some fans nuts and complete crazy. Warning: I don't hate any of the couples some of the fans are just crazy at points and I know somebody is going to call me a shipper nazi because I don't l support their couple. What I said about some shippers does not point to you in general just what I've seen from most of them


Okay these fans are the craziest of all! They just cannot face facts at all, after Go With Me they are way to desperate for shipping. They have gone as far as starting a burning hatred for any character who could be with Finn and hate some of the users who like other couples. They also use their odd ball fanfictions to find a solution to their shipping troubles. Create spamming blogs about every single fact on this couple, and will call anyone shipping nazis if someone doesn't support Finnceline. They are really devoted shippers but sometimes make me question their mental health


Okay I used think they were the craziest before the Finnceline shippers revolted. Now they just try to find the good in Flame Princess which there is in Hot to the Touch. So I don't really have anything against most of these fans anymore.


Okay this couples shippers are okay because most of them left to ship Flinn after Incendium but most of them just say they support the couple and don't fight with the other shippers that much.


Even though I don't like this couple the fans seem to be the calmest out of all of the main couples.

Craziest Fans

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