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BNSF1995: Fanfiction

The episode is called The Human Experiment.


The episode begins with a zooming shot on the castle. Princess Bubblegum is up to something in her lab. She is tinkering with a large machine, titled "Humanizer 3000". As its name suggests, it will turn anyone human. PB is going to become human to become closer to Finn than she already is. Finn arrives at the castle and asks Peppermint Butler where PB is. After being told she is in her lab, Finn heads in that direction. When he enters the lab, he is greeted by PB, who immediately runs up to him and hugs him. Finn asks whats going on, and PB answers that she is turning herself human, to get closer to Finn. Finn is suprised and happy at the same time.

PB gives Finn a piece of paper with directions on the process. It will be fast and straight-foreward. She steps into the machine. As Finn runs through the pre-transformation checklist, PB reflects on her days as a Candy Person, which is shown via flashbacks to episodes from the pilot, Seasons 1-3, and the episodes shown prior to Movie 1, and Movie 1. Finally, Finn has run through the checklist, and is ready for the transformation. Before that, though, PB exits the machine to kiss Finn one last time as a Candy Person. They do so, and then PB returns to the machine. Finn starts the automated process.

With alot of steam and noise, PB disappears in smoke inside the machine. In a canister attached to the machine, bubblegum begins filling it up. Finn has to rotate out the canisters as he dumps the bubblegum down the garbage chute. Soon, lights begin flashing, to show that the final transformation is beginning. They can be seen all around the kingdom, even outside the kingdom as far as Outpost Alpha (the Tree Fort). Growing suspicious that the kingdom is under attack, Fionna heads for the castle to check things out. Finn looks in awe as he anticipates PB's exit from the machine

At last, the machine stops. The steam is starting to fade into thin air, the machinery is winding down, and the lights stop strobing. Finn stands in place, not knowing if it is safe to approach yet. Fionna enters the room, but Finn doesn't notice her; he's too transfixed on the machine. The door on the machine opens. Alot of steam pours from the machine (to intensify the mystery of PB's new appearance). Then, it happens. PB emerges from the machine. Her hair is still pink, but looks like real hair now. And her skin is now caucasian instead of light pink. Even her voice has changed. Finn slowly walks up to her. PB examines her new features, then looks at Finn. Time seems to stop as Finn and PB touch their hands to each others. Fionna watches from the back of the room, not believing anything she is seeing.

After a minute or two, Finn and PB hug, very tightly. Now, they are closer than ever before. Then they kiss, PB's lips now feeling more like Fionna's. Fionna walks up to them and asks whats going on. Finn and PB explain everything, and Fionna understands. Then, Finn calls PB by her real name, Bonnibel. But to keep things simple, he decides instead to call her Bonnie. PB agrees, since she is no longer made of bubblegum. So Bonnie it is. Then, Finn, Fionna, and Bonnie (formerly Princess Bubblegum) hug.

A few days later, Peppermint Butler notes that PB is no longer a Candy Person. Finn explains the whole thing to Peppermint Butler, but PB (Peppermint Butler) will not stand for it! He decides to remove Bonnie from the throne and take over as leader of the Candy Kingdom. When she hears of this, Bonnie knows that PB will just turn the kingdom into the spitting-image of the Iranian Empire. She summons Fionna to the castle to help her and Finn concoct a plan to get rid of PB.

When she reaches the castle, the three humans retire to the War Room. They decide to make a military arrest for attempted anarchy. When they move in to arrest him, though, a squad of soldiers block their way. They have orders from PB to arrest Bonnie for becoming human, and Finn & Fionna for conspiring against the crown. But they won't stand down. In the blink of an eye, Finn and Fionna strike down the soldiers. Another squad of soldiers come up behind them. They are loyal to Bonnie. A Civil War breaks out soon afterwards. Finn, Fionna and Bonnie (all armed with swords) lead the charge on the castle. It is a hard-fought battle, but the tide turns when a few of their allies from Sonnah arrive to help. Dark Kingdom Soldiers grapple down from Chinooks, and Finn and Fionna's good friends, Lyle and Olivia, para-drop in. Now it's a battle!

They reach the throne room (which is hardly ever used by Bonnie because she doesn't like archetypes). After defeating PB's best swordsman, the 5 humans (Finn, Fionna, Bonnie, Lyle and Olivia) corner the butler-turned-dictator. But before the final blow can be struck, PB reveals his past: how he became friends with Death, how he was scheming to take the throne the whole time, and how he never intended for Finn and Bonnie to fall in love.

With a loud Banshee scream, Peppermint Butler transforms into a giant demon. He declares that he is no longer Peppermint Butler. He is now Demonica, King of the Monsters! That's the problem, though. From the horizon, comes a familiar roar, and a familiar figure walks out of the setting sun. Godzilla has arrived!

This is where the episode gets good. Godzilla and Demonica charge each other, colliding with a CRASH! The shockwave is enough to knock the 5 humans to the ground. The call is sent to deploy Kiryu immediately by the Secretary of Defense. Finn, Fionna and Bonnie rush to the Anti-Kaiju Mecha Launching Station, suit up, and enter Kiryu. Launching into battle, Kiryu lands behind Demonica and fires his maser beam (Finn controls the weapons, Fionna controls upper-body movement, and Bonnie controls lower-body functions). Angered, Demonica lashes at him, but Kiryu parries it. Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath at Demonica, hurting him. Kiryu and Demonica grapple each other, wrestling for control. Finally, Kiryu does his grapple attacl: Wrist Blade Stab. After completing it, Kiryu fires has missiles, which hit Demonica. Demonica then unleashes his Hell Beam, which hits Godzilla. Godzilla is knocked down, but gets up and fires an Atomic Fireball at Demonica. He sidesteps it, but it loops around and hits him in the back.

Finn, Fionna and Bonnie know that killing Demonica will just send him to the Underworld, where Death will give him back his soul. Bonnie accounted for this, so she had a Time-Transmat Beam installed where the Absolute Zero Cannon is supposed to go. Finn sets the time for December 21, 2012: the day of the massive global nuclear exchange. Godzilla knows whats going on, so he distracts Demonica by making faces and calling his mom a loser. Demonica charges at him. But then, Kiryu roars at Demonica. He changes his course, hellbent on destroying Kiryu. Finn pushes the Big Red Button. In the blink of an eye, Demonica is gone. Demonica is shown to be in North Korea, just before the NATO ICBM salvo destroys it. The last we see of him, Demonica says "Oh *FOGHORN*!"

Back in 3012, Finn, Fionna and Bonnie say goodbye to Lyle and Olivia. After that, Finn and Bonnie talk about their future. After a while, Bonnie agrees to join Finn and Fionna on the frontlines. As the episode ends, Finn and Bonnie kiss again, as Fionna looks on happily.

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O o Confused Babe: Couple: Jake & Lady Ranicorn

Jake and Lady Rainicorn (LR) have been together ever since the begining of the first episode of Adventure Time. The first thing they have in common is that they both like to play the viola. Other things might be the possiblity of LR having stretchy powers like Jake. It is known that Jake hangs out with her everyday at 4:00 at the dot. I think they make a nice couple because they have a lot in common and because I find it unique that a dog and a Unicorn-like animal are dating.