Wat I Do >o<

I'm a RADICAL 10 year old who LOVES ADVENTURE TIME!!!! I made sons and daughters from the Genderbent and Original Characters.Finn and Fionna =Fionna.Marceline and Marshel Lee =Mary.PB and PG =Prince Gumpop.(I did Jake and Lady rainicorn 'cause of their relationship)Jake and Lady=Layla.Lord Monochromicorn and Cake =Cocoa.LSP and LSP =Lady Lumps(nickname,double L).Ice King and Ice Queen =Ice Mistress.I even made a character named Rebel Princess,nickname,Axe.I enjoy watching Cartoon Network.

Adventure Priness

A Skinny Korean Girl with shoulder lenght Black hair with earrings,short sleeved shirt (mostly Abercrombie) shorts or gray skinny jeans,and wears black Converse or Navy Blue TOMS.My fave characters are Marceline,Princess Bubblegum,Finn,Jake,Ice King,Lumpy Space Princess,Gunter,and Candy People.