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Who is your favorite Gender-Bent Adventure Time character

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FionnaXFlame Prince

Tumblr lrfxbqzMvC1qjb36ro1 500

pure awsomness

250px-Marshall lee by axcell1ben-d47h8ao

Marshall Lee= Mathmatical

Tumblr lzvdf5HQpl1qzlgkno1 1280

Flame Prince=pure awesomeness


Cake the Cat

S3e9 What

Prince Gumball

Tumblr luk39j2KO41qfmw5wo2 r1 250

Fionna and Ice Queen

Tumblr lzq3f2Zb2Z1qgnj2ho1 500

Fionna and Flame Prince :)

Who is your favorite gender-bent character

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