July 17th 2014

Journal Log.

Today nothing much is going on. I'm sitting on my laptop working on schoolwork for my summer classes and wondering what I should write on this blog. I just joined the Adventure Time Wikia so I'm not too familiar with how this whole blog thing works. I am going to just write whatever comes to mind I guess. I'm from Tucson Arizona and dang it's hot out here. I'm guessing that if it keeps getting hotter and hotter the polar ice caps will melt and we'll be drowning in dirty ice. I just watched Lemonhope part I and II and that automatically became one of my favorite episodes. Are all the lemon people like that where their mouth gets all big? Also I knew someone who sounded and acted just like Tree Trunks which whenever I see that character I always am reminded of that person. I wish sometimes that there would be a zombie apocalypse just so we could reenact Call Of Duty Black Ops II almost every day. :) I'm awaiting an update for where I'm going next for my job so I'll keep you guys posted. Fart Jokes Not Permitted. (Have A Good Day Everybody!)