The last thing Lincoln remembered, he was he sitting next to his wife enjoying the play Our American Cousin and heard gunfire close to his presidential box and then he blacked out. He did not know where he was, drifting endlessly in a pitch black abyss "Am I dead?" he thought. He called out in to the darkness and to which there was no reply, He started to think about his family when a magnificent light suddenly overcame him . Hello Abe Lincoln a voice said. Who are you!? 'Abe Lincoln demanded. In front of him hovered a great red deity with a four-faced head with a pyramid on top. "We are Glob, yet Grob ,Gob ,and Grod.What in the name of!… Lincoln begin. Unfortunaly, you were killed by an assassin during the play and died shortly after'. I must be dreaming' 'thought Lincoln.This is a mighty strange dream"said Lincoln. Oh,I assure you sir this is no dream, said Grob."We are in the domain of GOLB, another deity replied Glob. You must pass through here after you die to go to the afterlife' 'Normally you would go to the underworld but your services are required else where.

Lincoln laughed and said "I'll be waking up for breakfast any moment now.

He then drifted around and Grob/Glob/Gob/Grod showed him earth.

This was real.

This was no dream.