this is adventure princess, a princess I made. here r some facts:
  • She is one of the princess' who fancy finn
  • she was finns 3rd favourite princess after PB and FP
  • she may look like a human but she has better agility and strength plus a anger form which slighty put finn off of her
  • she is 13
  • when finn and jake first came across a chaotic adventure kingdom the adventure king said that his daughter was possesed by a demon which they didn't believe when they first met her as she looed normal until she mad when her dad died turning into her demonic form which scared finn and jake.
  • she has the demonic form because a demon possesed her making her turn into a demon when she is angry or upset.
  • she doesn't remember anything from what she did in her demonic form.
Dark adventure

adventure princess in her demonic form