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  • Adventurer101

    Adventure Time Cupcakes

    December 22, 2013 by Adventurer101 i havent been on this wiki in a while and i know it will probly get on a lot of peoples nerves that this blog is mostly pictures but i found a bunch of pictures of adventure time cupcakes that other people made and i have noooo idea whered they came from and they are not mine but i was wondering which one A.T. fans would like better. so if i am not getting on your nerves vote for ATcakes1, 2, 3, 4, 5,or 6

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  • Adventurer101

    (i'm baa-aack) no wrong answers

    1. did you go as adventure time character for halloween, if yes then what character?i went marcy)
    2. best advenutre time song?
    3. fav character?
    4. fav episode?
    5. is the ice king crazy or awesome
    6. does this quiz suck?
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  • Adventurer101

    I use two websites that I can edit pictures and add things to pictures so if there is any Adventure Time picture you want me to do put it in the comments and I will post them in this or a new blog. If there are any I don't do it is because they were either to small or to big to load on the site. Here is a few of the pics I have done already.

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  • Adventurer101

    So this is just some crazy theory/opinion blog but prob more opinion but seriously peeps dont take this to seriously

    so everyone knows that Finn and FP are no more which really sucks for finn but its was his fault. I think Finn and Flame princess will probaly get back together eventually and that maybe in future episodes he will keep goin after PB, which is never gonna happen and marceline is my favorite character but finnceline is just some of u guys daydreaming. Buty for now finn is over pb and him and fp really are broken up. now it doesnt really matter if finn is in a relashionship to me or not but they are making it seem like he really wants to be and that it will be happening soon (maybe) soooo this is what I think: (but i doubt it wi…

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  • Adventurer101

    Whaz up peeps

    August 29, 2013 by Adventurer101

    Hey my peeps srry I havent posted a blog in while school started on the 20th(I'm in 7th grade now!!!) and I've been sick(Got sick the day b4 school started)INCONVENIENCE(and I have been sick since but I've had 2 go anyways and already I think I am now known as the weird, nerdy,[well those 2 r true] always sick girl who carries around a tissue box {and uses 2many parenthises} and [those parts r not true] under normal circumstances) I will try 2 post blogs more often 4 those of u who care and I think I am loosing peeps who have been reading my blogs cuz I havent done quiz's but if u have read all my blogs and u remember correctly I asked in like 3 or 4 blogs if u could give me ideas on what my next quiz should be and no one has given me any …

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