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Crazy Conversation

I was texting my friend and we had a very.......ummmm........strange conversation and I am sharing this with U bcuz I thought it was funny

Me:Baby cakes!!!

Friend:Baby cakes r the nxt big thing since that bear ate all the finn cakes u should try some

Me:no way thts cray son i will go make some now

Friend:I know right have u heard bout that cray hobo that stole those finn cakes

Me:Ya those were mine that he stole and then(using my amazing ninja skillz) i chased him down and punched him in the face then realized it was a hobo said i was srry and let him keep the finn cakes on account that hes a hobo

Friend:no way cool i luv wen peeps get punched especially if u r punching ur such an awesome ninja

Me:I no jackie chan tought me every thing i know i have the same amount of skillz as jaden smith(i hope u have seen the last karate kid movie)

Friend:is it true ur the nxt avatar

Me:ya im defs the nxt avatar jackie chan told me

Friend:Jackie chan knows all

Me:wud u like fries with that

Friend:yes xtra large size fries plz

Me:2 dip in milkshake

Friend:Mmmmm yeah

Me:U want finn cakes or baby cakes on side

Friend:baby cakes

Me:can i recamend our new jake cakes

Friend:Mmmmmm jake cakes

Me:hav u seen recenge of the cinnamon zombie pixies part 2 wrath of the cinnamon zombie pixies

Friend: ya make me happy


Friend:i cant wait 2 c world war p (u no like world war z with pixies

Me: totes have u read the OOO chronicles



I seriosly did not make this up u prob dont believe me i wish i cud show u my cell 2 prove it:)

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