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How 2 watch Adventure Time without cable

First season

I don't have cable anymore and I've still managed 2 see almost every episode

But I coudnt live without bcuz its amazing and i dont know any1 in person thats as obsessed with it as I am I love it soooo much so if u dont have cable or find urself without cable her r some tips 2 watch it anyway

  • Youtube has some episodes but not all
  • netflix($7.99 a month baby!!!) has the first season
  • Family Video has the second season
  • Walmart has the following dvds and more(Iknow bcuz i own the following)
  1. My Two Favorite People
  2. Fionna And Cake
  3. Jake VS. Memow(actually this 1 from Target came with Finn's hat)
  4. It Came from the Nightosphere

I wrote this blog a while ago and whoever read this forget everything I said I found a website that has every single episode

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