So this is just some crazy theory/opinion blog but prob more opinion but seriously peeps dont take this to seriously

so everyone knows that Finn and FP are no more which really sucks for finn but its was his fault. I think Finn and Flame princess will probaly get back together eventually and that maybe in future episodes he will keep goin after PB, which is never gonna happen and marceline is my favorite character but finnceline is just some of u guys daydreaming. Buty for now finn is over pb and him and fp really are broken up. now it doesnt really matter if finn is in a relashionship to me or not but they are making it seem like he really wants to be and that it will be happening soon (maybe) soooo this is what I think: (but i doubt it will ever happen in the show)

It is obvious that finn likes humanoid girls,...well because he is a human so if the writers do feel the need for romance to play such a huge role in the show, then what humanoid girl? this will never happen but do u know Jungle princess, she has never really been in the show only a glimpse of her but i think it would be cool if something happened with her and finn and they finally put her in the show
Jungle princess

Jungle princess

cause i think she is super cool looking and definatly humanoid either that or a new character or maybe breakfast princess but please no rude cimments cause this stuff will prob nver happen its just me daydreaming:)!!!