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  • I live in In my HOUSE of COURSE
  • I was born on October 2
  • My occupation is Saving the World
  • I am AWESOME!!!
  • AdventurerCP

    Chapter 3:

    “amm where are we going?” I asked Finn

    “To Marceline’s house” he replied

    “well I see that your dog is EXTRA-ORDINARY’ I said while I pointed at Jake

    “why?”he said

    “in our universe, dogs don’t stretch and grow bigger”


    “where did he get your powers by the way?”I asked Jake

    “ Umm I’m not sure but I think I rolled into a magic mud puddle” He said

    “I see I think the mud puddle was mix up with some toxins that causes mutation in his cells”

    “That means Jakes a mutant!!!!” Finn was shock

    “IM A MUTANT!?!” said Jake

    “not exactly” I replied

    “I can’t see any mutation yet”

    Jake gave out a BIG sigh

    “So who is this MARCELINE you are talking about ?” I look at the beautiful sky

    “ Marceline is a thousand year old vampire” they both said

    “Huh?” I seem To NOT…

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  • AdventurerCP

    Chapter 2:

    “I found him in the woods” I heard

    I shake my head to gain my senses

    My eyes were slightly open

    When I found out that I was tied to a tree

    “he’s awake!” a boy said

    “let’s kill him, he may be a threat to our land”

    Am I dreaming? Or my eyes are just playing a joke at me

    Because I just saw a talking dog

    “Ahhhhhh” I shrieked in terror

    “ a t-talking DOG!!” I exclaimed

    “dude let’s kill him” the dog raised his machete

    “Gahhhh” I thought I was sliced into 2 but suddenly

    “no dude” the boy took the machete away from the dog

    “were not sure if he’s evil”

    “I’m NOT!!” I shouted at the two

    “see!” the dog was about to charge at me but the boy stopped him

    “let see if his evil” the boy pinched me

    “OUCHHHHH!!! THAT REALLY HURTS!!!!” I screamed at him

    “well he Isn’t” A…

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  • AdventurerCP

    Universe Mix-up

    May 25, 2012 by AdventurerCP

    I was awaken by a noise coming from the outside

    It was like something just opened

    well at first I ignored it but curiousity had the best of me

    I was annoyed and some how scared, it was 3 in the morning

    I got up,put on my slippers and my jacket

    it was cold,very cold,

    I walk up to the door and opened it

    "Hello?" i said

    I scanned the house, no one was awake

    I gathered strength and decided to go outside

    before i open the door I thought for awhile

    Ideas were stacking up in my mind

    How if there's burglar outside will he kill me?

    The first thing that pop out in my mind was my family

    Yes,My family, I need to protect them from the burglar

    I opened the door hoping that it wasn't a burglar

    Trying to unlock our house

    Then I was shocked,I almost FROZE in terror

    There w…

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  • AdventurerCP

    Hello everyone ACP HERE!!

    I just wanted to share my most eerie exprience EVER

    APRIL 30,2012

    We went to laguna (me,My brothers,sister,mom and dad,aunts ,uncle and Grandma)

    My Other aunt offered a house to stay in( but we already Had a hotel)

    so MY mom and Her sisters decided to stay there overnight (april 30)

    This HOUSE had An Amazing pool!! but the only thing that stank was The TAll man in black

    MY MOM,DAD,AUNTS,UNCLE AND GRANDMA with my youngest Brother went to my Aunt"s other house

    Cam,I,my older brother,and the caretaker was the only ones left IN the house

    THe caretaker had 2 daugthers, THe older Daughter was Guarding The pool with Cam and my older brother

    while the younger one was with me and her mother ....


    MRS.Rosa(caretaker) was…

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  • AdventurerCP


    My family had this little girl named Catelin, way before I was born. You see, Catelin was a daddy's girl. My sister Miranda was extremely envious of her. So, one day my dad bought Catelin a puppy on her third birthday, even though Miranda had been asking for one since she turned thirteen. Miranda went to argue with my dad about Catelin's puppy. She said, "Dad. How come you give Catelin whatever she wants, but not me? I'm tired of her!" She left the room and saw Catelin going down the stairs with her puppy. Her puppy started whining and started to squirm. Miranda told the puppy to be quiet. Miranda tried to grab the puppy from Catelin. Catelin started shouting, "No! My doggy!" Miranda said, “Tell him to be quiet, or I’ll ta…

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