Chapter 2: Stopping the Portal

Finn:*knocks at door,door opens* Hey PB!!

PB:Oh Finn!!Jake!!What brought you here?

Jake:Actually her

Mystic:Uhmm Hi?

PB: A human!?!

Finn: A human *nods in agreement*

Mystic:May I speak?

Jake:You can, anytime dude I mean Dudette I mean ARGGGHH

Mystic:Do you have a telescope my lady?

PB: I do come in!! (goes in the castle) My telescope is at the tipy-top of my castle.

Mystic: Thank you!! hopefuy I got enough time to stop the second portal (climbs up the stairs)

PB:How did she got here Finn ?? Jake?? did you do something silly again

Finn:No ,I promise

Jake Its True. We were just walking then a ball of light appeared then *poof* she came out.

PB:Are you Sure??

Finn and Jake: Were sure

Then a LOUD noise disturbed the silent atmosphere......

Finn: what was that!

Mystic:(suddenly appears) I didn't stop the second portal but I had enough time to stop the 3rd one

PB:Portal? what is this madness!!!

Mystic:The 2nd portal was you're alters


Mystic:Alters-if you re a boy your alter is a girl Got it??

JAke:So you mean. Me as a girl?



to be continued