Old Hotel

I ended up staying in a hotel in Nagasaki. It was only for a night, since I had a conference for work. It looked refurnished, but you can tell it was old.

But my friend warned me. A lot of people were killed here caused by a fire from the bombings during WWII, and some guest staying at the hotel encountered weird occurrences. Before the fire, the hotel was said to be a jail or a mental institution. I didn’t care that much, since I wasn’t much of a believer of the supernatural.

That night, I put myself to sleep with the little help of vodka. Work hasn’t been going so well, and the meeting I was preparing was making me nervous.

I waken up after I heard a huge BANG at the door. I didn’t know what was going on, and I still was quite disoriented from all the drinking I been doing. But the noise was persistent….


Someone wouldn’t stop knocking on the door.

"I’m sleeping!!!! What time do you think it is!?" I yelled back.

"Get me out of here!! Get me out of here!!! "

I thought someone might be drunk, so I kept on ignored whoever was behind the door. It sounded like a man…. But then, I realized it wasn’t a drunk man. As the scream grew louder, the content of the yelling seemed to be way off from what a drunken man will babble on about. Not only that, there were several people yelling at the door.

“I’m burning in here!! I am burning Let me out of here!! Why are you letting us die like this!"

The people sounded angry, but pleading at the same time. I never felt so afraid in my life, and I hid under the covers… hoping the noise to go away.

The next morning, I told my friend about the incident. The same friend who warned me about staying at the hotel. After I told the story, we looked at each other… It was painful to think about all the people who were killed by the bombings in Nagasaki.

"I am just happy, that I was on the other side of the door. If those angry ghosts were in the room, who knows what they might do. "

I said, reminding myself how terrified I was…

My friend nodded, but took a pause to think

"But, if the ghosts said Let me out, doesn’t that mean that they were in the same room as you"

I froze. I realized I spent a night in a room filled of ghosts.