Hello everyone ACP HERE!!

I just wanted to share my most eerie exprience EVER

APRIL 30,2012

We went to laguna (me,My brothers,sister,mom and dad,aunts ,uncle and Grandma)

My Other aunt offered a house to stay in( but we already Had a hotel)

so MY mom and Her sisters decided to stay there overnight (april 30)

This HOUSE had An Amazing pool!! but the only thing that stank was The TAll man in black

MY MOM,DAD,AUNTS,UNCLE AND GRANDMA with my youngest Brother went to my Aunt"s other house

Cam,I,my older brother,and the caretaker was the only ones left IN the house

THe caretaker had 2 daugthers, THe older Daughter was Guarding The pool with Cam and my older brother

while the younger one was with me and her mother ....


MRS.Rosa(caretaker) was cooking while I was watching TV

then I noticed that her daughter was starring at a corner

I turned The TV off and aproached her I said "um , hello I see that you have a problem"

The girl said "T--The tall Man in b-black" she pointed at the corner

MY brother and sister was happily playing at the pool with the caretaker's elder daugther

The door was closed then so they can't here anything

"but i see nothing"I replied

The girl turned to me and said " He's calling your name"

Then I heard a whisper or murmur saying 'Xion come here"

Then the vase fell off from the table the LIghts Flickered on and off

then a figured form from no where!!! a TALL MAN IN A BLACK TUX

I panicked I Pulled THe Girl To the kitchen where Mrs.Rosa was working


when we got there Mrs.rosa stared at me and said "come"

leading to a room, I saw a picture of a tall man in a tux i was terrified

for it was the man that i saw In the corner then Mrs.Rosa explained to me who the man was

He was the previous owner of this house ,a close friend of my aunt .

He had no relatives .He died in a party, when aunt heard the news she shouldered the funeral

Mrs.rosa was the man's personal maid. it was her youngest daughter First time to see this house

The daughter claim to see supernatural creatures.The corner was the man's favorite spot mrs.rosa said

that The man would sit there and read a book with a cup of coffee,when the man was still alive

He was so delighted if he had visitors even now that he's dead

When Dad and MOm heard the story we immediately packed our bags and went to the hotel