Chapter 2:

“I found him in the woods” I heard

I shake my head to gain my senses

My eyes were slightly open

When I found out that I was tied to a tree

“he’s awake!” a boy said

“let’s kill him, he may be a threat to our land”

Am I dreaming? Or my eyes are just playing a joke at me

Because I just saw a talking dog

“Ahhhhhh” I shrieked in terror

“ a t-talking DOG!!” I exclaimed

“dude let’s kill him” the dog raised his machete

“Gahhhh” I thought I was sliced into 2 but suddenly

“no dude” the boy took the machete away from the dog

“were not sure if he’s evil”

“I’m NOT!!” I shouted at the two

“see!” the dog was about to charge at me but the boy stopped him

“let see if his evil” the boy pinched me

“OUCHHHHH!!! THAT REALLY HURTS!!!!” I screamed at him

“well he Isn’t” Alas he was untying me

I took a deep breath and let out A HUGE sigh

“but why?”said the dog while he scratched his ear

“if he attacked or bit me ,he’s evil but he didn’t” the boy explained

“thanks” I said Bringing out a bright cheerful smile

“I’m Xion but call me ACP”

“I’m Finn and his Jake” The boy said pointing at the dog

“nice to meet you” I shook Finn’s hand and Jake’s paw.

I looked at them with thankful eyes then I noticed my reflection by the stream

I was still wearing pajamas with my jacket and slippers(I’m glad I didn’t wear the bunny slippers)

“woooohhh” I said

“umm where could I borrow some clothes? Cause’ I’m not comfortable with my pajamas”

“ohhh “ Finn said

“you could borrow mine!”

Minutes later Finn came out with a pair of his “CLOTHES”

The pants didn’t fit me so as the shirt

So Finn and Jake searched for smaller pants and shirt

Luckily they found a pair of pants that Jake wore[in what was missing]

It fitted me perfectly but It was so LONG

I asked Jake “umm Jake can I cut this pants”

His reply was “sure BRO it’s all yours I don’t use it anymore”

I gave The pants a new look

The problem is they didn’t find a shirt

So I decided to REDESIGN my horrible pajamas

I cut off the sleeves, Then I took of my jacket and tied it at my waist

Cool now I feel more comfortable

“come on ACP its time to meet everybody” Finn said

“hop on my buns” Jake Grew larger

I gave a short giggle and hop on he’s so called “BUNS”

I was amazed by this wonderful dog

I think it posses POWERS