So, I made this for some 'curious' people. Post your prediction below! Some user's prediction will be posted at my "Lucky Predictions" section.

NOTE: DO NOT PREDICT THE FOLLOWING EPISODES: Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Five More Short Graybles, Up a Tree, All the Little People, Jake the Dad, Davey, Mystery Dungeon, All Your Fault, Little Dude, Bad Little Boy, Vault of Bones, BMO Lost, Puhoy, One Last Job, Princess Potluck, Jame Baxter the Horse, The Suitor, Another Five Short Graybles, The Great Bird Man, Simon and Marcy and A Glitch is a Glitch we know what happened/is going to happen.


Shhh, LSP Gets Robbed, Only Wizards Allowed, The Party's over, Isla de Señora


"Lucky Predictions" will be filled up when 10 users (not 10 comments, some users might tell some stuff twice) so, be 'contributing'!

My Predictions

Shhh: Jake reveals Finn that he himself is Jay T. Doggzone

LSP Gets Robbed: An unknown lumpy 'guy' steals LSP's stuff.

Only Wizards Allowed: Finn, Jake, BMO and Neptr breaks into a room which is 'wizard-secret'.

The Party's over, Isla de Senora: Another Halloween Special

Lucky Predictions