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  • I live in Land of Aaa
  • I was born on October 2
  • My occupation is AN ADVENTURESS!
  • I am A Female Magical Cat
  • AdventuretimeCake


    As you may all know in the episode "Reign of Gunters" is that Finn said something about going back together with PB if it didnt turn out with FP

    I used to ship PB amd Finn but ever since FP had to come in and steal Finn, i have now been shipping Bubbline ((which i think is just the cutest shipping ever))

    But there still might be a chance as i said that Finn would be going back with PB if it didnt work out...

    Bonus question: What's your favorite shipping?

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  • AdventuretimeCake


    Not gonna continue this blog anymore because of the flood here and the limited supplies we have in storage (which is water and food) the power turned off about a while ago and i am actually typing here at my cousin's laptop which has about 82% battery so im not allowed to stay here longer until the power goes back on.

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  • AdventuretimeCake

    Question Time

    July 31, 2012 by AdventuretimeCake

    I decided to do like an ask question time for me

    since Fionna left to go adventuring with Marshall Lee,it's been my dream to make an ask blog

    i should be hanging out with LM but he's with Prince Gumball and he also has a tight schedule

    so no time for him i guess...


    so ask away~

    and also i'll try to draw some of the questions

    thank you~

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  • AdventuretimeCake

    yay i now have my own tablet,it came from my aunt and my uncle

    they knew i love to draw and see DA for art ideas and they bought me a tablet so that i know how to draw digitally

    hope this isn't just another dream *pinches self*


    nope..*looks confused*

    now that i got my self a tablet i guess i should figure it out on how it works i guess but i still don't know how even if i read the instructions im quite confused about it

    could someone help me here please? (especially those who know how to use this kinds of tablet)

    AdventuretimeCake (talk) 13:52, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

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  • AdventuretimeCake

    As usual at school i was doodling something (not gonna say it) then a mystery came into my head (like a suprised gunshot or somethin')

    i was wondering on how Finn survived the mushroom war? he IS human after all but the mushroom war cloud-thingy covered the do you think that Finn's parents outrun the cloud or did they hide underneath the sewer/hatchet like Susan Strong...

    and i also have a question do you think Susan is a hyoomen or a human like Finn?

    based on your opinions

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