im just saying this but the chat seems dead always so if your a user here always use the chat or if your busy at least use it! it's kinda sad to think that the chat isnt active enough :/

so anyway this is not about the chat this is just about something about...


lol just joking this is just about something happening in my life O_O

i dont know i cant seem to think of anything lol! XD

im always busy which is a bore bore....but this is not about me either, i dont know why im writing this maybe cause im bored or something XD

so anyway i have something to tell you all very important things that PB IS NOT A JERK everyone keeps saying that she's a jerk for laughing at baby-snaps just cause of a dream?! but i mean that she laughed cause maybe she thought baby-snaps dream was cute or maybe she laughed cause it may be impossible for him to make it as a princess since it must be a royal-blood thing.... O_O but of course Finn became a king without being in a royal blood family which is weird (epicface)

So anyways i have been bored in all my life and the ony time i cut my schedule was when the chat was ALMOST dead Nihi was there but he was sick so... :(


INGAT KA! (this message was just for Nihi nobody else)