ok so i manged to paint Finn the human in a old paint 2003 it's kind of ridiculous but i was bored so i had to do it XD i love adventure time:genderbend as you can tell which is weird after all... :/

I find it totally funny on how Marshall Lee didnt speak anything but he has a big fanbase to start with (wow! the girls really want Marshall Lee to speak like "sup" or even "hey!") but dont worry screaming fan girls of Marshall lee there will be another episode concentrating on him LOL! you just have to wai :)

im worried about these AT shippers thing it's kind of a world war 2 some want Fiolee,Fiogum and Flionna? i find Fiolee totally cute but i think that the best couple is Flionna im not really sure of Fiogum well since gumball is 18 and she is 14 (in the DVD)


i qonder when will the next episode be


im bored -_-"

anyway this is my first time so dont be too harsh on me :)