a night in the land of Ooo ...

Fionna: Cake,how long do we have to get there im kinda tired...

Cake: oh no dont worry child*stretches* here get on my huge back ill carry you around.

Fionna:thanks cake! umm... where are we going anyway?

Cake:that would be in the goblin kingdom

Fionna: tell me again why do we have to go there?

Cake: well you see me and Lord Monochromicorn were having a race until this little child goblin came to us and said that we have to protect their kingdom

Fionna: protect there kingdom from what?

Cake: i dont know all the kid said that there were shadows crawling and moving inside the kingdom

Fionna: shadow monsters?

Cake: maybe but i dont know child guess we have to go there by our selves.

Fionna: ok...

on the trip Fionna fell asleep and heard a loud exploding...

Fionna:*waking up* huh? where am i? CAKE! where are you? CAKE! this isn't funny! CAKE! wait a minute,isnt this the goblin kingdom? huh? how can this be its all broken and stuff!

Fionna was walking around until...

Fionna: CAKE! what are you doing here your badly injured!

Cake:the shadow is..

Fionna:dont worry Cake i'll figure something out!

as Fionna carries Cake around the goblin kingdom she saw a shadow that was moving fast

Fionna: who are you?

(evil laugh)

Fionna: i said who are you?

(evil laugh)

Shadow: you shouldnt have gotten in my way! you little pesky brat!

Fionna:that voice!

Shadow: you better find me or else your friends will get hurt!

Fionna: what friends?

Shadow: hahaha! your most dearest friends!

the shadow suddenly takes Cake,Fionna wasnt able to catch up since the shadow was too fast for her.

Fionna: that voice was familiar...I wonder who was that?*puts her head up and looks at the moon*

suddenly Fionna saw Marshall Lee floating...

Fionna: oh! hey Marshall!

Marshall: oh hey Fi! what ya doing?

Fionna: there was this evil shadow here in the gob--HEY! wait a minute what are you doing here?

Marshall:oh yea,i saw this shadow and i followed it the shadow was actually attacking every goblin here i just wanted to watch and chill for awhile..

Fionna: geez! you didnt even fight the shadow?

Marshall: dude,your gonna fight a shadow with speed and you dont know how to kill it since well it is a SHADOW!

Fionna: good point...well at least help me out!

Marshall: I just have one question..Where's Cake?

Fionna:the shadow kidnapped Cake she was unconcious and well cause of the shadows speed i didn't catch it..hehe

Marshall: ok i'll join you BUT just because i want to scare Cake pretty badly

as Marshall and Fionna teamed up will they ever find Cake and will they ever find the mysterious shadow?

YEY wait for part2 as promised here is the 1st story!

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