As Marshall and Fionna teamed up to stop the shadows will they ever find Cake?

Marshall:so Fi,why are you here anyway

Fionna:well im not sure but Cake told me that some goblin kid said to her that there were shadows crawling inside the kingdom

Marshall:oh...So how is Gumbutt doing?

Fionna:why do you care?

Marshall:I thought you like him?

Fionna:i did not! *blush*

Marshall: oh yeah? then why are you blushing?

Fionna:shut up!

Marshall:Geez,i was just asking...

Fionna:dude,that was not math!

Marshall:hehe...i was just teasing with you,duh?!


As Fionna and Marshall continued their search to find Cake inside the Goblin kingdom they encountered something shiny near the old wishing well

Fionna:woah dude! what's that?

Marshall:dont know Fi...

Fionna:whatever it is dude let's just take it

Marshall:wouldn't that be called stealing?

Fionna:well nobody is here right now so might as well take it and give it back to the owner i guess?

Marshall:still..i know i saw that somewhere before..weird?

Fionna:well,come on let's go! we have to continue our search for Cake!

Marshall:*rolls eyes* Whatevs...

Fionna:*walking* we're walking and Marshall is floating im like a robot who doesn't know anything~

Marshall:what was that?

Fionna:HEY! i can sing...



Marshall:well,let's not goof around now,weren't we suppose to find Cake?

Fionna:oh yeah...

Shadow:hahaha! you already forgotten your friends that easily? guess there not that dear to your heart now?

Fionna:who was that?*pulls out sword*

Marshall:*looks to the shadow* Fionna! look out!

Shadow:*shoots iceballs*

Fionna:*dodges* wait a minute,i only know one person who can throw iceballs...

Shadow:mwahahahaha! you have finally got it! Pesky brat trying to get out of my way!



Ice Queen:oh..looky here i see the Vampire King is with you now?

Marshall:What do you care?

Ice Queen: *fly's away*

Fionna:oh no! you wont get away that easily! Marshall!


Fionna:throw me at the Ice Queen!

Marshall:sure Fi! *throws Fionna at the Ice Queen (in an awesome way)*

Fionna:taste my super duper power kick Ice Queen!

Ice Queen:*turns around* gaaahh!

Fionna:*lands on the ground safetly*

Ice Queen:*falls to the ground*

Marshall: good work Fi! but what about that so called "ice queen?"

Fionna:well... we could kick her until she tells where Cake is?

Marshall:dont you think your going too far?

Fionna: your right..

Marshall: let's just tie her up until she says where Cake is!

Fionna:good idea!

Now that Fionna and Marshall found out that the shadow was the Ice Queen will they ever find Cake whereabouts?