i have been watching this jake-over marathon and until now it is still being shown i was so suprised XD i thought that it was gonna stop until 6:00 but it didnt so anyway im watching while still typing lol! i learned to never judge AT even though each episode ends in 11:00 minutes..

nope, its not weird nor creepy it is MATHMATICAL!

because of AT i have been infected with the rarest disease of all the...


i know it is pretty weird but still it is awsome


so i saw this blog saying that pb is a jerk and i commented on it too even though she is a jerk you might've just misunderstood a LOT the story but of course AT will not be kicking her out of the AT show

it is a stupid arguement but i agree to those who think pb is not a jerk since her story is not fully revealed yet..


so about the AT shippers i love all the Fiolee fans even the Flionna and of course let us not forget the original Fiogum but i dont agree to those who have been comparing fiolee to twilight i dont like twilight...

yeah it looks and feels like twilight but the VAMPIRES DONT SHINE and the VAMPIRES FLOAT IN AT!


so yeah that is all im gonna write about so bye~