I noticed this 3 days ago... So some people say PB is a jerk since well she is going to fight FP or somethin'


I CAN GIVE 5 REASONS WHY PB IS JEALOUS AT FP the episode "Too Young" she loved Finn when she was 13 again

2.she has have feelings for him but she denied it because Finn is too young for her

3."my kingdom comes first" she said that in "Too Young"

4.maybe PB did not want Finn to get hurt (like physically) since FP is fire elemental and they will just end up hurting each other

5.she may hve been jealous since FP was much hanging out with Finn than her.

Question time: if you had a very bestfriend who is dearly close to your heart and you love him but then a girl comes in and hangs out with him eventually they fell in love would you be jealous?

My Answer: of course i would be! but i think that if he is too young i'll let it go,but if he is the same age as me OH NO SHE DIDNT! or HOW DARE SHE COME IN AND STEAL MY MAN! (depends... :T)