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what the what?

ok, so anyway some users have been saying that this person is least fun but you know everybody is fun in their own little way and i think you should respect admions here and also i forgot to say this but dont hurt others feelings

while i was in the chat someone (i dont wanna say his name) has been telling users that their not fun well can you cooperate with us random people i mean we are random after all and if you say that this admin is boring or that admin is boring your not respecting them dont judge people too quickly maybe there just being careful with their words or whatevers and maybe their just following the rules thats why you think their boring if you want to stay here then FOLLOW THE RULES


so about the story :3 im gonna do it next week im still deciding if i should make it a crossover on the 15th story or not (the idea was taken on the genderbent episode of at) but you see im using the characters as fionna and cake not finn and jake but im still working on the story so can you wait...


thanks to school work i have to have a tight schedule and it is killing me so hard that i barely can breath our math is kinda fun but when my teacher starts talking about decimals i swear i will fall aslep in the class but whatever it is our last subject anyway...


so i have been having stomache ache but i still continue the story I WILL FIGHT UNTIL THE LAST STORY! i know that i may or may not be fun but dont gossip! it is bad to gossip you can talk about your life but dont just gossip