we all are thinking that whats goin to happen to simon petrokov. or what happend to simon. to be honesed i dont know but u know what i think ? i think that iceking could turn back into simon. but then people might miss iceking. but no body should miss the crown. and what if simon didnt come back. then he would still be stuck in the crowns evil magic. the crown created the body. and simmon slowly dieing never seeing marcy. never seeing betty whos probley alive. and iceking still sad dipressed kidnapping princesses. all because of the crown.  im going to say somthing thays been on my mind. i think the lich made the crown so he could put it on people to make them evil and become the liches slaves. but then billy comes fights the lich the lich loses the crown and ir gets lost in the snow. but billy gets away. the lich swares revenge. the lich looked for it never looking for but never could find it. the lich got mader cause billy took everyting and distroed it so the lich later posses billys body. but when simon found it it made him evil and gave ice poweres because it was in the ice snoe and cold to long. the end.            if youd be kind a enough please comment.