• Adventuretimefreak647

    Yes and No.

    September 21, 2010 by Adventuretimefreak647

    My day in school sucked.HARD.The kid who i walked with home laughed and talked about me behind my back.LITERALLY.I was there.And it was BEHIND MY BACK.I was right there.And it was behind my back.I was really to kill all the inhabitants of earth.This isn't the first time this kind of thing happened.Her little brother & sister did something similar one day.And i don't know if people know this,but as much as i get insulted,i should be used to it.But sadly,i don't take anything lightly.

    But on another subject----and if your a boy reading this part..... are weird.

    I stare at my crush ALL the time.I don't know what....but as much as i hate him like theres a part of me that loves him.Like how i like Justin Bieber.He really has a…

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