As we all know, this site is subject to many trolls, many of them on chat. And yes, the implenting of a Social Admin has been put, which is fine, but I feel more needs to be done beyond the this wiki alone. Quite often, when trolls come to chat, words fly off the roof and arguements always happen, though sometimes those "invaders" just need help. Most of the time, I feel it is I who mainly takes the task in helping out people after they have come to this wiki (I have seen some other people try to help but those are rare and few). I know Social Admins have the job of controlling the chat's behavior and the like, but I feel that there should be a Wiki job for when trolls invade and when we need peace.

Thus, an idea was born: a Wikia Diplomat or Peacekeeper. Peacekeepers would go beyond the job of the Social Admin, in that they would go to the wiki from which the invaders come from and try to convince the other wiki's not to troll or interrupt again, without being harsh. The Peacekeepers would also have the job in contacting the other wiki's admins and the invaders to try to "smooth" problems out and help when they request it.

It seems far-fetched I know, but peace with other wikis is the answer, not increased hatred towards us because of the bureaucrats, admins or mods actions towards others. Be free to comment your thoughts! 1ATFinnStandAdventuretimegurl123FlamePrincess)

Should there be a Wikia Diplomat/Peacekeeper for this Wiki?

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