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Adventure Time: The Movie (Gritty Reboots)

First off, no, this is NOT an official Adventure Time thing, it is just a fanmade video for what they think Adventure Time would like as a movie. Anyways, this is pure eye-candy! You have to check it out! It sets a much darker tone to what is happening so far, but it is still very intriguing to watch. Escape from the citadel by jackalnope-d7fjg67.pngAdventuretimegurl123Tumblr n4er32NGYa1risnh0o1 500 20:38, October 7, 2014 (UTC))

Adventure Time The Movie (Live-Action 4K Trailer) Gritty Reboots03:40

Adventure Time The Movie (Live-Action 4K Trailer) Gritty Reboots

This is amazing!!!!!

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