Hey, while you all continue to ask me for questions you want answered, I want to announce that I have started an art contest on my Facebook Group Adventure Time Fan Club (the Group is affiliated with this wiki, fyi)! All who want to join, simply click the link above and join the group! Disclaimer: Although the group is affiliated with the Wiki, the contest is not, meaning any winners or other art work will not be used to make any sort of profit or be used unfairly. Anyways on with the rules!


  • Only Adventure Time related drawings will be accepted
  • No drawings without color (black and white is boring, but if you have a valid reason that you cannot color, it will be accepted.)
  • NO foul language
  • Finally, just have fun!

Acceptable Art Forms

  • Minecraft
  • Digital Art
  • Handmade Drawings

What You Will Be Judged On

  • Cleaniness (i.e no eraser marks, no overlapping on erased drawings)
  • Accuracy
  • Details
  • Use of Adventure Time related items (note: what we are looking for in a drawing is subject to change).

Deadline for all drawings to be submitted is November 17th 2013. Results will be revealed at least a week or two later. The grand prize winner will get a secret, special prize sent to them by mail (subject to change)! If you do not wish to join and instead be a judge, just ask me via my message page here. Remember, ONLY 1 WILL WIN! So, get drawing and Good Luck to All! 1ATFinnStandAdventuretimegurl123FlamePrincess 23:29, October 6, 2013 (UTC))