OMGGGG!!!! LR IS PREGGERS!!!! JAKE'S GONNA HAVE PUPPIES!!!! FINN IS GOING TO BE A UNCLE!!!! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR AT NOW? COMMENT WITH YOUR THOUGHTS!!!! EXTRA: LADY WILL HAVE 5 CORNDOGS!!!!! :D (if you dont believe me, rewatch the episode and look closely at PBs heart monitor, 5 little dots next to LR: her unborn kids) 1ATFinnStandAdventuretimegurl123FlamePrincess 23:57, August 20, 2012 (UTC))

File:Adventure Time - Lady and Peebles Lady Rainicorn Is Pregnant!|thumb|right|300px|The Biggest New AT Speculation!!! (sory for bad quality its all i could find)