Haven't made a blog in a while, but why not now after such a roller-coaster of a season premiere! I found a few thinks that seemed interesting, especially in Escape From the Citadel and made some theories for a few of them. So far, I only gathered two pieces of information, I will add on as the days go on! Here goes nothing!

Observation #1: After Lich started spreading his black smokey evilness throughout the Citadel, some of the flames hit Martin's crystal while he was still in it. Even if he didn't turn grey, he might have been affected in some way and made him a jerk beyond comprehension. Or, he really just is a dumb, uncaring idiot. Observation #2 and theory: Finn could have easily become another (might have been new) monster if his "father" had not escaped as quickly as he did and if he was better informed. During the scene where Finn's will-power makes his sword explode into a mass of vines, it makes a larger and longer arm/hand and seemed to mimic Jake's stretchy powers (to a point). The mass nearly engulfed the stem Finn's "father" was escaping on as well, and could have harmed him and the criminals. If Finn had received better training on the power of the grass sword, I think he would have had the ability to become a destructive vine monster or something even more dangerous.

So, I'm hoping this flower will make another arm or something, because I really want to see if Finn ACTUALLY could turn into an epic monster with the sword.

To be continued...!

1ATFinnStandAdventuretimegurl123FlamePrincess 23:50, April 22, 2014 (UTC))