Have you noticed anything different about our home page? No? Then look again! Wikia has come out with a new "Hero Image" layout for wiki home pages and I thought we could try it out to look more attractive to viewers and hopefully help us in getting new members.

What do you think?!

Now, if you wish for the layout to be removed, do not be afraid to say so! But I am hoping this new look will help the wiki expand! Escape from the citadel by jackalnope-d7fjg67.pngAdventuretimegurl123Tumblr n4er32NGYa1risnh0o1 500 21:37, March 12, 2015 (UTC))

  • EDIT* Ok, so I see some people are complaining about the mobile usage. At this rate, it won't be a surprise if people have complained about it, but I will ask if that can be changed as well.
  • LAST EDIT!: Everything is back to normal, just refresh your caches! Sorry about that, I just thought we could use a newer look. If this does become a thing forever, complain to Wikia, please.