Well it has come time that high school awaits me :/. Going to high school is going to take my time away from all u guys D: . So i am taking my time to say a farewell. Mind you i may be online on the weekends and weekends only starting September 6th (my first day of school :/ ). But i may just have too much of a butt load of homework to come on so i may not be back. So a temporary farewell to all. Special byes to Nihi, FPF, HERO, Mitchel See the Vampire King, VQO, Bluaghum , Rawr, IQ, Prinzreiner, and icanhascheezeburger! And farewell to all the other people i didnt post!! :D ILL MISS U GUYS!!!! DONT WORRY I"LL TRY TO COME ON WHEN I CAN :D !

                                                                                                           Yours Truly,
                                                                                                                     1ATFinnStandAdventuretimegurl123FlamePrincess 01:35, August 9, 2012 (UTC))