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  • AdventuringStar

    Yeah, you read correct. I will be inactive for quite sometime after tomorrow  due to  a problem that Im facing right now........  please don't worry about me........I HAVE A BRAIN TUMOUR. I'll tell you guys how this happened to me....           So because I am small  for my age (13) I need to take Hormone injections every night.  Im on these because I need to be full size by the age of 15. If I don't take them, I may never hit puberty when I should. My doctor whent through 2 side effects that couldn't be treated, Brain Tumours and Diabetes. My doctor said there is a 1 in 100 chance of  getting any of the effects, unluckily I was one of them. I found this out on my 6 month check up when I had an MRI Scan. Im okay though, I'll still visit th…

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  • AdventuringStar

    So we all know the Lich is now mega-cute, and Jake likes him a lot, plus he smells neat. BUT IS THIS NOT WHAT ITSEEMS? The Lich was mutating backwards (hehe) into his former younger self, but this must've stopped as far as when he was mutated in The Great Mushroom War, because we notice that The Lich's right horn (your left) is still broke. Creators of AT are weird and wacky, and practically blow our minds with their  "The Lich is now cute" but we also know that they don't keep the same story once....

    My theory: "The Lich will soon realise his true powers again, and accidentally burn/spawn/destroy something. TT and Mr.Pig will try to stop him, but accidentally get hurt in the process. The Lich will find his "magic well" and gain most of his…

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  • AdventuringStar

    Hey there! I've returned and nw I'm holding a Drawing Competition right here! To enter, just post below a picture YOU drew or TRACED, and you could win one of these:

    1st Place: Free Minecraft Premium Account, specifically made for you!

    2nd Place: Subscription to my YouTube Channel, or a Subscription off me!

    3rd Place: Cheats or Hacks to ANY ame you want!

    So why don't you give it a try? IMPORTANT NOTE: Only AT pictures and you can have anime, ONLY enter TWICE or your picture(s) will NOT be counted!

    If you want to vote for someone else's drawing, just post this EXACTLY:   VOTE - (insert username)

    With the thing abot voting above, don't put insert username, that's just to show who you're voting for! The competition will end on the 7th of May, votes…

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  • AdventuringStar

    So I was...what is that in the corner of my eye? NO SERIOUSLY WTF IS THAT?

    • Take 2*

    Okay so I was looking online for Adventure Time profile pics, when I stumbled across these interesting pics:

    These seem to be storyboards from the episode Betty!! How's that for exclusive? It's kinda' rare for pictures like this to be leaked onto the internet. It's really interesting. ONLY 1 PERSON ON THIS EARTH HAS ANNOUNCED THESE PICTURES, Im the second!!!!!! I don't know what thes pictures or what scenes these will appear in but one things for sure and that it's Betty! If at anytime you find any suspicious looking pictures that may look like it's from Betty, send em' down the comments and if I find any, I will update this blog and upload them onto here. And …

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  • AdventuringStar

    Okay. Okay, Okay, loads of people have been telling me (not just through here) that the description of Betty may be another fake, and I'll admit that this has been done before. Is this another fake? Well, I will explore some points of interest with you now:

    So all we know is that the episode Betty may just be another **** bag messing around. But is it? For now, we don't particularly know and no-one seems that interested right now. I mean juzt look at this guy, he's pumped for it: YouTube. Imagine how that would upset him? Whoever is doing this to us really needs to stop it, cos' it's getting on my nerves and probably if you're reading this your nerves aswell! It would be sad to see that episode not air, though again, now that we …

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