Okay so as the title suggests, this is only a trial to see how you guys react and if you like this one then I'll make more! Here goes:


1. What is the Ice King's real name?

2. What is the backstory of Adventure Time?

3. Who has Marceline lately been reunited with?


4. What made the Ice King go insane?

5. What is Princess Bubblegum's full name?

6. What numbers are written on the back of The Enchiridion? (HINT: It is the day that the meteor blew a chunk off Earth)


7. What country is The Land of Ooo in?

8. What number does Finn use to describe PB's age in The Vault episode?

9. Who was BMO's creator and what reason was BMO created?


10. What is the worms' name that lives in Jake's viola?

11. What is the Blood Demons name in the episode Play Date?

12. What is Farm World Finn's last name? (We don't really know that it's real world Finn's name, because remember Prismo said that everything isn't exact!)

Well, that clears this Demo. If the majority of you liked this questionare then tell me and I will think of more things about Adventure Time to question you's about! Oh, and feel free to give ME a quiz of your own.