Okay. Okay, Okay, loads of people have been telling me (not just through here) that the description of Betty may be another fake, and I'll admit that this has been done before. Is this another fake? Well, I will explore some points of interest with you now:

So all we know is that the episode Betty may just be another **** bag messing around. But is it? For now, we don't particularly know and no-one seems that interested right now. I mean juzt look at this guy, he's pumped for it: YouTube. Imagine how that would upset him? Whoever is doing this to us really needs to stop it, cos' it's getting on my nerves and probably if you're reading this your nerves aswell! It would be sad to see that episode not air, though again, now that we think about it...they were only ever going to find her grave or sometin'. It kinda' only just hit me, I know... I just don't see the point in it. This blog was so much about the episode.