Hey there! I've returned and nw I'm holding a Drawing Competition right here! To enter, just post below a picture YOU drew or TRACED, and you could win one of these:

1st Place: Free Minecraft Premium Account, specifically made for you!

2nd Place: Subscription to my YouTube Channel, or a Subscription off me!

3rd Place: Cheats or Hacks to ANY ame you want!

So why don't you give it a try? IMPORTANT NOTE: Only AT pictures and you can have anime, ONLY enter TWICE or your picture(s) will NOT be counted!

If you want to vote for someone else's drawing, just post this EXACTLY:   VOTE - (insert username)

With the thing abot voting above, don't put insert username, that's just to show who you're voting for! The competition will end on the 7th of May, votes will be counted within 24 hours, so winners will be announced on the 8th of May, and those lucky winners wil recieve their prize on their Profile Walls on the 12th of May! (btw, if these times don't suit you, just tell me and I'll figure something out!)



Now it can be any drawing. No traced art I guess. Thanks Beemo for telling me. *smiles*