Ok. I got really tired of all these people just fighting. SS did this, but Demon did this, Admins doing this, normal users are trolls. I GOT REALLY ******** TIRED OF IT.

But I'm also tired of people making blogs to "make peace". Then, stop it. Peace is not just something people can get only by wanting it.

I've heard thousands of problems but no solutions at all. This blog is EXCLUSIVELY for solutions. I do not want any opinion at all. Am I taking this too serious? Admins are taking it too serious or Normal users are not taking it seriously enough? I DON'T CARE. I want solutions to make this wiki a good place and no a place where to fight.

This is the most disfunctional wiki I've ever seen, and I will leave if we don't stop making this wiki a &$#^&(*.

We've heard the problems, now let's hear what solutions you have.