I do want to do this blog before my evil persona takes over and says something for the which I should be banned for.

I'm leaving because nobody cares about me being part of this, and I got tired of flipping out to my evil persona. Admins don't want me to be here and, for that and other reasons, I'm going to leave this wiki and join Hora de Aventura wiki (Adventure Time in Spanish). For the first time, my four personas have decided something:

  1. Evil hates admin and this wiki and stuff that I shouldn't say for fear of children reading this.
  2. Smart thinks that me flipping out every now and then isn't healthful and I should quit.
  3. Kind has decided to leave because that's what others want.
  4. Stupid thinks that America was "invented" by Napoleon, so I didn't even bother on asking him. However, he thinks this wiki isn't fun anymore.

For those who seemed to care about me (and more important this wiki), M1870, Felinoel, Marcaline, FPF and others, keep it like that. I won't ever forget that.

For those who (evil persona is about to take me over), and I'm meaning Sky, SaberSworn and Demon X, I hope I can some day forget all of you.

I would like to keep on writing, but I can feel Evil taking me over, so I must leave. Thanks for reading. Adios.