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    "Wahoo!" Finn cried, as he rode a roll of streamer down from the ceiling of the Candy Palace.

    "Thank you for helping me set up this party, Finn. This is going to be the best Sun Day ever!" Princess Bubblegum said, her voice oozing excitement at the upcoming festivities.

    "Isn't there a Sunday every week?" Jake asked, hanging paper lanterns from the high windows.

    "No-no-no, it's not Sunday, it's Sun Day, with a pause in the middle. It's the day where we celebrate the return of the sun." PB corrected.

    "How come I never heard of it?" Jake asked feeling confused that such a major shindig fell under his radar.

    "Well," she grimly explained, "we stopped celebrating it about a century ago, after, 'The Shenanigans' happened; but, the candy council is pre…

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  • AlanTheWizard

    This is something I originally posted on, and I thought I should post it here. I don't know if this is necessarily standard practice here, but I have seen Fan Fiction Blog Posts on other Wikia wikis. Uf this is not allowed, or is in the wrong category, please tell me.

    Finn and Jake were wandering the countryside near the Candy Kingdom, searching for adventure. "Man, I'm bored," Jake said, impatiently walking up a hill, with Finn following close behind. Finn was panting, having obviously run a great distance earlier. "Phew. Hey, what's that?" Finn panted, pointing at what appeared to be an ornate door, with frame, sitting upright in the middle of a meadow nearby.

    "I dunno. Looks like a door."

    "Dude, I know that."

    "I'm gonna put it…

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