Ok guys, it's gone far enough. Fubblegums, Flinns, and Finnelines, I call for a cease-fire. Stop arguing, and watch the series to see what happens. Hey, who Finn ends up with could be decided or hinted at by the end of the season. If Flinn wins, good for them. If Fubblegum wins, good for them. And if Finneline wins, good for them. Honestly, I'm Switzerland on this topic. Nuetral I am. So please stop, and take a break. Watch the series, and hopefully, the war will end soon. So whether is Flinn, Fubblegum, Finneline, or whatever, stop arguing. I see it too much on blogs, and it's dumb. If you don't like the show, then stop watching it. And if I'm hated for this, then whatever. I won't care. I'll be on, chatting, editing, stuff like that. Thanks for the attention. Laterz :P