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    As Adventure Time is practically my favorite show right now, I thought I'd rank the characters in the order of my preference. Note: I am excluding characters in the Fionna & Cake franchise.This is only my opinion. Possible spoilers.

    20: Ricardio the Heart Guy

    Ricardio was the main antagonist of his eponymous episode along with "Lady & Peebles". Being Ice King's heart, he is clearly unstable and has plans that always fall through. Ricardio, however, is much more witty and cunning than the Ice King, managing to smooth-talk Princess Bubblegum and managing to avoid suspicion of being evil (well, with the exception of Finn). That being said, he does show some of the Ice King's old traits, and at times he was a rather odd character to be honest, w…

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  • Alex the Vampire

    Hello, to all that are reading this.

    I would like to say there are many mentions for this list that I could've put on, though subsequently, they did not make the list. I will include them in the honorable mentions just before number one. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

    20: It Came from the Nightosphere (Season 2, Episode 1)

    In this episode, Marceline reveals her past history with her dad. After Finn inadvertently frees her dad from the Nighosphere without Marceline's consent, he and Marceline try and stop her dad before he sucks the soul of everyone in Ooo. In the end, Marceline and her dad reconcile...just before Finn stabs him. An interesting and humorous episode with a heart-warming ending, one of the best from Season 2. Plus, the song at t…

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